Wrapping up


Well, as my 164 interferon treatments come to a close (that’s one year), I feel like I’m making a transition back to the “normal” world.

This article pretty accurately summarizes my feelings. Continue reading


Melanoma advocacy – Beard Season

Photo credit: beardseason.com

Photo credit: beardseason.com

The guys at beard season are doing a great job.  From art exhibits to beard baubles, they have taken instagram over with their impressive beards in order to promote skin checks in honor of their friend Wes Bonny who had melanoma.  Strong, well designed campaign – check it out here.

Thanks Dannii – spot check promotion!

This came out recently and is a good reminder to get skin checks.  Though many melanomas are found by physicians, even more are found by patients or their families.  If there is anything that is new, growing, bleeding, itchy – get it taken off.  The classic teaching is: asymmetric, borders irregular, color – multicolored or black, diameter bigger than a pencil eraser or evolving.   Sometimes you may need to ask a few times or see a different doctor.  No one can tell if it is a mole or cancer by looking, it has to be done under the microscope!