Un petite update

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One of my favorite things about personal experience blogs is the updates – how are you doing?  Is there life after treatment?

Most blogs stop blogging and get back to life, and I am no exception.  3 days after I stopped interferon treatment I felt like the clouds parted in my life.  I could think clearly, do math, and I was back to my optimistic self.  I lost a lot of my muscle this year, but I’m happy to report that I can now ride my bike or do a fitness class, be sore for a day, and then be stronger the next time – it’s so encouraging to see improvements.  I dove back into work full time, and it was not as rocky as I anticipated.  I’m in a mental place where I can choose to explain in a brief, unemotional sentence why I was gone for so long to those I feel I can trust, and brush off my story to those who don’t need to know.

I’m at home sick with a sore throat this weekend and really reflecting on this illness versus the year of melanoma treatment.  There seem to be more unknowns – is this a bacteria or a virus?  How long will it last?  Is this my body telling me to slow down, or should I take some cold medicine and plow through?  But, thankfully I know I will get better, and won’t have to go through this again in 2 days.

I think the thing that I’ve taken with me through this is that I have a lot of support, and people who love me.  And no matter what happens from here, whatever life paths I choose, I will be ok.

To those of you who have done interferon – you are brave and I hope it is a fleeting memory.  To those of you mid-journey – you will get through this.  I promise.


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